As mothers of youngsters, we understand the love that parents devote to their children and often question ourselves when thinking about our children and the demanding environment that they face today:

  • Do our children have enough joyful yet beneficial activities after their long and hard-working days in school?
  • Do their music classes at home bring them the fun and enjoyment they deserve?
  • Have they been able to apply the creativity and emotional intelligence that they have learned in music and art to their daily life?
  • Will they be able to work in team and communicate effectively with other children?
  • Will they be confident enough to perform in front of an audience?

Unfortunately after a number of tries we have not been able to find a local place in the Phu My Hung area that can provide us satisfied answers to those questions. Therefore in an afternoon near the New Year Eve of 2013 we determined to work together to establish Sonata Music & Art Center for our own children and others.

At Sonata, classes are conducted by highly qualified and passionate teachers who are carefully selected. In addition, we organize a number of music and art clubs for children to participate according to their strengths and interests. In the clubs, they will work in teams to learn, share, compete and perform together to develop their talents and characteristics.

It is our mission to make Sonata to become the definitive playground in music and art for children in Phu My Hung. Sonata is where talents and creativity expand and confidence grows.